Monday, March 14, 2011

Horse's Neck or Presbyterian...

In honor of Tales of the Cocktail 2011: Destination - Vancouver

Most American drinkers forget that Canada produces some first class whiskeys. During the spring of 2010, Crown Royal added an obsidian colored jewel to its line-up of Purple and Yellow clad whiskeys called Crown Royal Black.

Crown Royal Black (or CR Black) is a pepper flavored, stouthearted spirit that might make some question their allegiance to American made whiskeys. Straight up, on the rocks or even in a cocktail, CR Black holds its own while allowing the other ingredients to play nicely in a glass.

The combination of whiskey and ginger ale (sometimes called a Horse's Neck or Presbyterian) has become staple for American whiskey imbibers. It's as exciting as nails in a hardware store and as common as paperclips in an office. The modern answer to that stale classic is called the Black King.

The Black King:
1.5 oz of Crown Royal Black
1 oz of Ginger Ale
1/2 oz of Stirrings Bitter Lemon cocktail soda
Pour everything over ice into a rocks glass, make a toast to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and enjoy.

For those who really want to impress- add pepper to your ice water. It's an easy trick that will raise the eyebrow of any serious cocktail nerd. A 750-ML bottle of CR Black will cost anywhere between 30 to 40 USD and makes a fine addition to any liquor cabinet. Even if it's surrounded by American made whiskeys, this one will stand out like a Mountie at a rave.

Till next we drink again-
I'll stick with gin. Champagne is just ginger ale that knows somebody.” M*A*S*H - Hawkeye Pierce played by the legendary American actor Alan Alda.

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