Thursday, July 17, 2008

What do you mean I'm a day late???

It's never been easy to just write, I have to be poked and provoked into it and other times my creative juices flow as strong as the currents of the nearly forgotten Niagara.

To make a short story long winded... I decided to start blogging because I hate my job ( Sorry Jay) and I need a bigger creative outlet. I do write - professionally- but I've not written for the sake of being creative in a very long time.

YEARS ago (1991) my girlfriend (Let's call her Drapes) gave me one of the best gifts I've ever received- A Star Trek Ship's Log Book- It was a blank book for me to fill with quotes from my friends, family and anywhere else I head something funny or mildly amusing. In less than a year I wrote 725 quotes from various sources and filled the book. After that I was hooked. Ecah year since then I bought a new book. Until 2 years ago. Something stopped me from collecting what other people were saying and something else got me started on writing about what I love..drinking, booze and my hometown (you might have heard of it, New York FRICKING City!)

This brings me to what I plan to put in my blog...quotes from long ago. As I look back on my various quote books I see where I spent a lot of my time (in front of the TV) and with my friends from college. So I dedicate this blog to them..Drapes, She who shall not be named, JK, Tree, The Tam, Grande, Shaggy and the rest of the crew from NU.

I'm going random on this quote...
'Weak men threaten. Real men do.'

That gem is from one of my favorite comic books The Savage Sword of Conan one of the best written and best drawn comic mags in my collection.
  • Yes, I used to collect comic books.
  • Yes, I still have boxes of them.
  • No, I do not collect any more.
  • Yes, I can name every type of Kryptonite and what effect it has on the Big Blue Boyscout.
I stopped collecting comic books some time after Image went to crap and DC got creative. Let's say it was 1999 ( Not a great year for comic books or Moon Bases.)

That quote stuck with me. Hell, I use it to this very day. It is the ultimate 'bluff caller'. It contains a subtle dare and a sweet smack to the nuts to those that are stupid enough to oppose you.
If someone said that to you, you'd have to follow suit and do whatever you said you were going to do. To not do so would be the equivalent of peeing sitting down and wearing a very pretty Nicole Miller dress.

Okay, that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and a the brief look into my geekness for Sci-fi, comic books and fashion.

Till next time-

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