Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sometimes you just need a swift kick in the ....

I won't go into why it's been so long since I last posted. That's for another day, another posting. So here goes nothing.

My first posting was based on a favorite pastime of mine, collecting quotes. Below is a quote from a forgotten but funny FOX show.

A promise to a woman is just a lie that hasn't happened yet.
Unhappily Ever After- 8-16-1998

Why this gem?
Because it's the 350th quote I managed to scribble in my quote book for that year and I really enjoyed watching that show. It was made with the hope that it would become the next Married With Children ...with a twist.

Picture an Al Bundy type but with schizophrenia. Yeah, FOX was taking on the big issues WAY before HOUSE M.D. was a twinkle in the eye of David Shore or while Hugh Laurie was still on the funniest show on BBC One, Black Adder. I'll let you choose the starting point.

Anywellness, the 'Father Figure' Jack Malloy played by Geoff (pronounced Jeff) Pierson would talk to a stuffed bunny name Mr. Floppy ( Please insert any 20 - 30 year old penis joke here) voiced by....wait for it. Wait. Wait. Here it comes. Assume the position... BOBCAT GOLDTHWAIT! while dealing with an aging wife. a hot to trot daughter played by Nikki Cox, and an idiot for a son.

Unhappily Ever After lasted four years and banged out 100 episodes on FOX. Plus it launched the careers of Nikki Cox (Who is WAY more FUCKABLE that Megan Fox!) and Geoff Pierson. Now if you don't know who Geoff Pierson is, then you've never watched an episode of Dexter, 24, LIFE or It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. And for that you have my pity.

A couple of personal side notes for the year that was 1998..
I collected 699 quotes that year.
I moved the Staten Island.
I started working for The Metropolitan Opera House. Yeah, I've been to the opera, what about it!
I gained the best friend anyone could have, one Mike Gilbert. Love ya Man!
I stopped going to a little known bar called The Cubby Hole.
I started going to a little known bar called Jake's Delimma.
Mad TV was actually funny.
TV Guide was small enough to fit in your pocket, worth collecting and culturally relevant.

So, with that said, I'll run the spell checker, post it and hopefully someone will read it and comment on it.
I want to say a special "Thank you' to someone.


Thanks for kicking me in the ass! I needed that!
Good night.
Good luck,
Good drinking!

Lincoln C

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